Casement windows are hinged at the sides and operate like a book by being swung inward or outward. They often come with an easy-to-reach handle for ease of operation. The handle also serves as the lock of the window.

One great benefit of casements is their ability to offer maximum ventilation. This is because they have wider opening than any other installed windows making it possible for them to let in a significant amount of air inside. At the same time, the large opening also makes it easier and quicker for people in the house to climb out in case of emergency situations like fire. In addition, casements when close are very weather tight keeping air infiltration at a minimum. This has a lot to do with the fact that their sashes meet the frames straight on offering tighter seals.

  • Meets or exceeds all Energy Star® standards.


  • High design pressures.​

       Design pressures up to +/ - 75


  • Available with Low-E glass (270, 240, 366).​

       7/8" laminated glass with argon gas for superior                                        ultraviolet thermal protection

         Double-strength glass standard


  • High performance Duraseal® spacer system 

       Excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency

         Keeps windows clearer longer

  • Ultra & Solar Ultra Low E glass with Argon gas

  • Triple Pane w/Dbl Low-E coats

  • Self Cleaning Glass

  • Foam Filled Sashes

  • Wood Grain Laminates (on certain models)

  • Full screen

  • Grids-contoured and flat

  • Obscure glass

  • Tempered glass

  • Tinting (limited factory tint available)

Since casements open outwards, they have their screens installed from the inside, which can either be a positive or negative depending on your needs. Casement windows are low in maintenance. Some new models feature sashes that can be removed from their frames to make cleaning an easier task.


  • Open with easy


  • Durability and Resistance from the elements

       Exterior - glazed, fusion welded frame and sash


  • Rugged BetterVue® Screen Standard

       10% better insect protection / 20% better airflow / 10%

         clearer view

         BetterVue® screen will not rust, corrode or stain


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