double-hung windows

Being the most popular window in the US, double hung windows are practically everywhere. This type of window has two operational sashes that are able to slide up and down over the other.​​

With both sashes working, you have the option to vent air either from the top or bottom part of the window. For proper regulation of air flow, you may also choose to open both the sashes at the same time allowing cool air to get in through the bottom sash while warm air is pushed out through the top sash. However, since the maximum space it provides is only half its total size, a double hung window may not be able to offer excellent ventilation.

Double hung windows are safe and secure. Since they don’t project out against the wall, you won’t have to worry about someone being hurt when you open the windows. Also, these days they are designed with vent stops that will allow the sashes to stay in place when raised a couple of inches to let air inside, but prohibits anyone from climbing into your home through your window.

Double hung windows are very energy efficient able to accommodate double glazing very well. Their design also makes it almost impossible for air to get in or out keeping air infiltration at a minimum. In addition, they are very easy to clean especially those with sashes that are able to tilt in. Nowadays, double hungs are offered in different materials but vinyl is considered the most ideal. With their clean, classic and elegant look, double hung windows complement practically all homes regardless of their style and design.

  • Meets or exceeds all Energy Star® standards.

  • High design pressures.

  • Added Security

       Dual-action, self-locking sash locks​

  • High performance Duraseal® spacer system 

       Excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency.

         Keeps windows clearer longer.

  • Available with Low-E glass (270, 240, 366).​

       Double-strength glass standard

  • Durability and Resistance from the elements


  • Rugged BetterVue® Screen Standard

        10% better insect protection / 20% better airflow / 10%                   clearer view

        BetterVue® screen will not rust, corrode or stain

  • Ultra & Solar Ultra Low E glass with Argon gas

  • Triple Pane w/Dbl Low-E coats

  • Self Cleaning Glass

  • Foam Filled Sashes

  • Wood Grain Laminates (on certain models)

  • Full screen

  • Grids-contoured and flat

  • Obscure glass

  • Tempered glass

  • Tinting (limited factory tint available)

benefits of double hung
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