How Important Is The Window Installer For Your Project?


Think about this. Even if you get the best replacement windows out there, they will only be as good as their installation. This means that verifying the qualification of your window installers is just as important as checking the quality of your units. Unfortunately, not many homeowners are aware of this fact. Some think that they have reached the ultimate goal in a window replacement project once they found the windows that suit their needs and requirements.


Accordingly, properly installed replacement windows can lower your energy consumption to a huge extent. In fact, you will be able to recoup much of your investment throughout their lifetime. This is why you really have to spend as much time to make sure that your windows are installed by the right people. Otherwise, your money and efforts in finding the best replacement windows in the market will be useless once your poorly installed windows won’t perform at their optimum potentials.

Make sure to ask your window company who will be installing the windows. Commonly, it’s either the company’s actual employees or the subcontractors they normally hire to carry out the task. Each option has its corresponding pros and cons. In-house installers, to start, are loyal to the company they work for. Since they represent the company, this often encourages them to go out of their way to ensure that they live up to its name and reputation.

How Are Replacement Windows Energy Efficient?


All the improvements over the years have certainly paid off. Today, quality replacement windows are high-performing units enabling a number of homeowners to significantly lower their monthly energy bills and at the same time elevate their comfort and convenience at home regardless of the time of the year. Compared to other home remodeling ideas, installing replacement windows allows homeowners to have higher return of investment. These energy and money saving qualities of modern replacement windows are the primary reasons why more homeowners are persuaded to replace their existing windows at home despite the high initial outlay involved.


So what makes modern replacement windows energy-efficient? There are actually a lot of factors that make this possible. These include the overall design of the windows, the material use for the frame as well as the production process. Each element plays an important role that enables the units to perform at their optimum potentials allowing thousands of homeowners to drastically lower their energy consumption and have some real savings stacked up all throughout the lifespan of the windows.

However, not all windows are the same. Those that are made of materials that keep heat transfer at a minimum are more preferable. This quality makes it possible for your indoor living space to be comfortable even in tough weather conditions. In general, vinyl windows are the most viable option ranking high on energy performance.


Replacement windows today are not just energy efficient. With their tight seals and excellent insulating properties, they are also designed to seal out air and water infiltration. However, there are certain types of windows that perform better than others in this aspect. Double hung windows, for instance, with their sashes that close snugly into pocket headers and sills make it almost impossible for water or air to get in. Moreover, their sashes are built to interlock with each other at the meeting rail further increasing their sealing ability keeping air leakage at a minimum.

In the past, the frames of the windows were mechanically screwed together. Over time, this loosens up to create gaps allowing water and air to get in. Today, there’s an alternative approach used especially for vinyl windows that is considered way more effective. The frame and sashes are fused together using heat. This technique provides better protection against air and water infiltration, plus it gives the windows a neat and more professional finish.

Why Should You Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows?


More than half of the windows sold and bought in the US today are made of vinyl. Obviously, this type of window is widely popular, its demand surpassing all other alternative options. Vinyl windows are very affordable, durable, energy-efficient and practically maintenance free. Because of their overwhelming popularity, it is sometimes hard to believe that not very long ago they were considered inferior to other materials especially wood.


Speaking of wood, it used to monopolize the market for many years. This was largely because resources then were abundant. Plus, wood offers great aesthetics which has remained unmatched by any other substitute material up to this day. However, through the years, wood windows have become notorious for several issues. Among others, they are prone to breaking, rattling, warping and rotting, all of which affecting their overall performance. To keep them in good condition, they require constant upkeep and servicing.

Later on, aluminum came along. Just like steel, it requires minimal maintenance but is lightweight. Aluminum windows are also very affordable. On the down side, aluminum is not very energy-efficient. Thus, the search for the most ideal material continued until vinyl was discovered. Vinyl windows are power efficient; can effectively withstand all sorts of outdoor conditions; able to maintain their structural integrity through time; require very minimal maintenance; and are the most cost-effective. While they used to lag behind in terms of aesthetic appeal especially when compared to windows made of wood, today, vinyl windows are made more attractive with more color and design options available. With all the benefits they offer, it is definitely safe to say that when you opt for vinyl windows, you will get excellent value for your investment.

Will Replacement Windows Really Pay For Themselves?


Nowadays, replacing old and flawed windows is one of the most popular home remodeling ideas that a number of homeowners are engaging in. Aside from bringing in a number of benefits, modern replacement windows will also pay for themselves within a few years. Experts say that compared to other home renovation concepts, installing new windows allows homeowners to get higher return of investment. How is this possible?


Quality replacement windows that are installed properly can slice no less than 25% off your monthly energy bills. With simple math, you can actually compute your actual savings in a year. However, the amount can vary on several factors like the place where you live, your type of replacement windows and the size of your home, among others. Accordingly, with proper installation, your replacement windows will pay for themselves in seven years or less.


While others say that this takes quite a while, the fact is that your new windows really DO pay for themselves. In addition, they also improve the overall aesthetics of your home, seal out unwanted outdoor elements and can even significantly decrease the noise that gets inside your home. All these benefits will help boost the market value of your property. This is actually the second way that your replacement windows will pay for themselves. It is a common practice to have the cost of your new windows added to the market price of your home.


A lot of homeowners are hesitant to replace their existing windows because of the significant out of pocket cost involved. But if you think about it, keeping your old and defective windows is just as expensive and maybe even more in the long run. In the end, you have to make a choice whether to keep your existing windows or replace them. Either way, you have to spend a significant amount. Make a smart choice. You owe it to yourself.

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